FCB was founded by three sisters with a vision for the future; our mission is breaking cycles, and creating bosses.  We know first hand the struggle of living in an underserved community, which is why we’ve targeted specific neighborhoods, including Englewood, where we grew up. We are Cycle Breakers, ready to pass on our knowledge and to model for youth the impossible as possible. 

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FUTURE CYCLE BREAKERS (FCB) was born out of the Englewood neighborhood, a densely populated area of only three square miles, but home to over 24,000 residents. Nearly 40% of these residents are currently living below the poverty level, and local schools have a dropout rate of 23%; double the regional rate of 11.5%. 


Schools in low-income neighborhoods do not receive the same level of funding or resources as schools in upper-middle class neighborhoods, but their students are expected to accomplish schoolwork at home without devices or access to additional tutoring, graduate with similar GPAs, and somehow afford post-secondary schools with ever-rising tuition. This system does not advance equity, and it isn’t working. Our youth and families need a solution outside of this collegiate expectation, which caterers to their unique needs. 


FCB focuses on reshaping the minds and lives of underserved youth (11-18) in South Chicago to change and improve our reality. Through Educational Empowerment, FCB helps youth embrace the power of entrepreneurship. By equipping them with tools and resources to break debilitating cycles and develop 'work for myself' mindsets, they are able to create more opportunities for generational wealth in underserved communities. 

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Do. Dream. See Possibility Everywhere.