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a stepping stone not just to entrepreneurship, but to a lifelong journey of purpose and passion

In the crowded landscape of youth entrepreneurial programs, our Business Building Bootcamp stands head and shoulders above the rest. Why? Because our commitment to our participants doesn't end after a curriculum wrap-up; it's just the beginning of a transformative journey.

Boosting entrepreneurs through Growth &

Extended Engagement

While most programs end with a certificate, ours propels forward with the Growth & Nurturing Incubator. This extension ensures that the seeds of entrepreneurship we plant continue to receive the nurturing and resources they need to flourish.

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Kick-Start Funding

To transform ideas into reality, our graduates receive a generous $1,000 grant. This initial financial boost offers them the freedom to test, iterate, and launch their business ventures with confidence.

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Dedicated Mentorship

Each graduate is paired with a seasoned Business Growth Guide Mentor. This one-on-one relationship ensures that they have the guidance, advice, and support they need at every step of their business journey.

Vast Expert Network

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Our Business Support Expert Pool isn't just a list of contacts; it's a goldmine. Graduates gain invaluable access to industry leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, and niche specialists ready to assist, guide, and collaborate.

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Community Reinvestment

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Our Bootcamp goes beyond individual achievements, instilling a deep sense of community. Our entrepreneurs commit to reinvesting a part of their sales into local passion projects, creating a cycle where success both grows and gives back.

The F. C. B. Approach:
Finding, Cultivating & Boosting

Our transformative FCB approach, is a journey of discovery, growth, and support. We're uncovering potential, cultivating skills in our Incubator, and fostering success with Grant Funding and ongoing Support. Every step with FCB is a step toward empowered entrepreneurship.

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Finding Untapped Potential

In every underserved community lies untapped entrepreneurial potential, ready to bloom with the right nurturing of ideas, resources, and recognition.

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In underserved communities, we uncover entrepreneurial potential by connecting with local schools, nonprofits, youth clubs, and networks.

our target

Youth aged 13-19 from Northwest Indiana to Chicago's South Side and suburbs, welcoming all backgrounds and ensuring that financial constraints don't limit participation.


At least a 2.5 GPA and an existing business / business proposal or a desire to start a business. Letters of recommendation, letter of interest and examples of challenges they've overcome to demonstrate perserverance.

program commitment

Pairing with a dedicated liaison for regular support, benefits from our network of specialists and $1,000 grant for business funding.

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Cultivating Entrepreneurship

From idea conception to business creation, our 5 week program kindles the entrepreneurial spirit in youth, turning dreams into tangible businesses and fears into stepping stones.

Cultivatng Entrepreneur
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An engaging and hands-on adventure from conceptualizing ideas to presenting a distinct business proposition. The 100-hour structure we've developed is purposefully designed for in-depth exploration. Whether it's an after-school addition, a regular school session, or a summertime special, collaborating with us ensures an enduring, transformative experience for students that goes beyond the end of the official curriculum.

Boosting: Entrepreneur Growth & Nurture Incubator

Our EGNI Advisors 

turn novice entrepreneurs into confident business leaders, equipped with expertise from finance to branding.

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Graduates of our Business Building Program advance to our Growth & Nurture Incubator for continued startup support. There, they work closely with our advisors to master essential business topics, further enhancing their entrepreneurial confidence.

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Boosting: Grant Funding & Liaison Support

Fueling dreams with a $1,000 grant and the continuous guidance of a business growth guide - a beacon of support in their entrepreneurial journey.

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After finishing the Business Building program, graduates get up to $1,000 for their startups. Each is also paired with a Business Growth Guide, connecting them to our expert network and providing ongoing mentorship.

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Cultivate your future, nurture your leadership, and unleash your inner entrepreneur

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