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Rooted in Community, Shaping Solutions

A collective of visionary leaders, each bringing a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment.



Charita Lucas, a Cycle Breaking Entrepreneur and the CEO & Founder of Future Cycle Breakers, embodies the spirit of triumph. Having overcome her personal challenges with generational poverty, Charita is on a relentless mission to pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Charita dedicated three decades to an esteemed International Global Ad Agency. Climbing the ranks from humble beginnings, she emerged as a Senior Partner and Technology Director, steering a global network and helming teams of technical pioneers.

Today, using her personal story as a beacon, Charita passionately guides marginalized youth towards breaking their own cycles, shaping them into fearless leaders and budding entrepreneurs.

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Guiding Luminaries: Our Board

Our Board of Directors is a dynamic ensemble of dedicated professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience, insight, and passion. United by a shared vision and commitment, they steer our organization with integrity and foresight, ensuring that we remain steadfast in our mission and impactful in our endeavors. Their collective wisdom and leadership are the cornerstones of our success, guiding us as we forge ahead, transforming lives and communities.

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